Rettey Polymer Plastic Sheets & Flooring

With Great Advantages For Many Uses

Sheet Finish - Rettey Plastic Polymer Sheets Have A
Different Pattern On Each Side Of The Sheet

Rettey has developed a method of placing one pattern on one side and a different pattern on the other side of each sheet. With Rettey Plastic Polymer
Sheets you have a choice of two different patterns on one sheet. You can use the Bar Pattern on one side..... or turn the sheet over and use the Dot Pattern on the other side. These anti skid patterns make the sheets ideal for flooring.


Bar Pattern

Dot Pattern


Made Of Virgin Plastic - Rettey uses ONLY virgin plastic in the production of their plastic sheets.
Some other companies use regrind plastic in their products, such as old milk cartons, pop bottles etc.

15 Year UV Inhibitors... Rettey Polymer Plastic Sheets are treated with the MAXIMUM UV protection.
You do not have to worry about deterioration from use in sunlight.
Remember, plastics made of regrind plastic cannot be UV protected.

Three Sheet Sizes To Choose From - 4' x 6' • 4' x 7' • and 4' x 8' The sheets are 3/4" thick.

Sheets Can Be Shipped In Any Quantity - f.o.b. Colchester, IL 62326.


Our Specialty Is Small Pontoon Boat Kits and Floating Dock Kits.
Our standard boat and dock kits are 6', 7', or 8' wide and 12', 14', 16', 18', and 20' long. 4' wide walkways are available for the docks. Our 7' and 8' wide models have three rows of pontoons beneath them for buoyancy and stability.

Kits or Assembled
You can purchase our boats and docks in kit form or fully assembled. In kit form they are easy to ship anywhere in the country or to export. Assembled boats must be delivered on company trailers or you can pick up at the factory.

A Great Way To Spend The Day With Family And Friends


Full Kits
You can also add the perimeter deck trim and the railing to your kit purchase as shown above. With this kit you only need to add the flooring materials and any other accessories you might want. We also offer flooring, plastic steering consoles, and canopies.

Partial Kits
You can purchase any part of our kits you wish. Shown above is a bottom kit for an 8' x 14' pontoon boat with three rows of pontoons, the front pull bar, front and rear bumpers, and the motor mount. At this point you are ready to install your flooring and build on up.

Your Pontoon Boat
When you are finished with your kit project you will have a boat that looks something like the one above. Shown above is a 6' x 12' assembled pontoon boat with a canopy in the down position. It is rated to carry four passengers and you can use from a small electric motor to a 10 HP gas engine on it. This is a great little pontoon boat for small lakes and ponds. It is easy to build..... and easy to move from lake to lake.
If you are looking for a small pontoon boat that is very..... very..... stable in the water..... check out our 7' and 8' wide pontoon boats with three rows of pontoons. The 12', 14', and 16' long boats are extremely popular for small lakes limited to electric motors. All of our boats are available as kits or assembled. You can also purchase partially assembled kits.

Rettey Floating Docks
We also have a fine line of floating docks that are available in both kit form and fully assembled. Shown here is the assembled undercarriage for a 4' x 8' ramp hinging to a 4' x 8' walkway that hinges to the side of an 8' x 20' floating dock platform with three rows of pontoons beneath it. We have added 2x4's laying flat to the grid-work in order to make it easier to apply the 5/4 planking floor boards. It is much like building a porch. With our pull pin hinging..... Rettey Docks are very easy to dis-assemble and drag out of the water if necessary.


Rettey Floating Docks Are Built Right
For use in anything from small ponds or lakes to the Mississippi River. Several sizes are available.

Something New And Different
We Call It ..... "The The Rettey Skinny"
"The Rettey Skinny" is a narrow pontoon boat that is available in 6 ft. widths and 16 ft, 18 ft, and 20'lengths.


• Available as a kit or assembled.
• Goes where large pontoons cannot.
• Rated for 30 HP gas.
• Great for fishing or cruising.

• Is like a Jon-Boat..... but is more
   stable and you can walk around.
• Can be hauled on nearly any
  utility trailer.

Quick Stable & Tough

Rettey Skinny Features.....


Rettey also manufactures water monitoring platforms as shown in the photo. A Rettey Platform may be helping to protect your water supply.
Rettey also builds floating work platforms... boats for special use projects... walkways and small bridges.
If you have a need or idea..... please give us a call.


Rettey Products
Are made
In The USA

Contact Us

Rettey Corporation
P.O. Box 261 • 6420 N 800 RD
Colchester IL 62326
Phone 309-776-4331 Toll Free 1-800-722-4331 Fax 309-776-3560
e-mail - • Website -

Pontoon Boat And Jon Boat Flooring
Dock And Walkway Flooring
Porch And Deck Flooring
Ideal For Use Around Swimming Pools
Great Material For Building An Outside Shower
Can Be Used As Porch Steps

Can Be Cut Into Boards And Used
To Build Planter Boxes And Boundaries
Can Be Cut Into Strips And Beveled Or Shaped Like Wood For Use As Planking Or Trim
Can Be Cut Into Blocks For Use As Stepping Stones

Can Be Used As If It Was Plywood

Just A Few Ideas For Uses

Three Colors To Choose From
Rettey offers three colors for you to choose from.
Dolphin Gray • Seafoam • and Tropical Tan
These colors are available in all three sizes offered.

Features • Sheet Sizes • Order Size • Samples

Looking For A Small Pontoon Boat Or Floating Dock?
Rettey Also Manufactures

Pontoon Boat Kits..... Assembled Pontoon Boats..... And Floating Docks
You Can See them at:

Also Available..... Rettey 5/4 Deck Boards

Rettey 5/4 Deck Boards can be used just like conventional wooden porch boards.
Width - Rettey 5/4 Deck Boards are 5-5/8" wide. With 3/8" spacing each board takes up 6".
Lengths - Rettey 5/4 Deck Boards are available In 4', 6', and 8' lengths.
Uses - Rettey 5/4 Deck Boards are great for porch flooring, docks, walkways, steps, flower boxes.....
anywhere 5/4 boards are used.
Colors - Rettey 5/4 Boards are available in the same great colors as Rettey Polymer Sheets.....
Dolphin Gray • Seafoam • Tropical Tan
Free Samples Are Available


Rettey 3/4" Thick Polymer Plastic Sheets Are Ideal For Use In Places That Have Traditionally Been Reserved For Plywood And Other Types Of Wood That Must Routinely Be Replaced Due To The Environment They Are Used In. Rettey Polymer Sheets Are Tougher And More Durable Than Wood..... Can Be Cut And Beveled Like Wood..... Are Available In Three Great Colors..... And Have Two Anti Skid Finishes To Choose From.

Dolphin Gray


Tropical Tan

Free Samples Are Available... Just give us a call TOLL FREE at 1-800-722-4331
or email us at with your address and we will send samples to you.